My Drive

I see you
Mr. Millennial
with your horned rim glasses and neckbeard
the wind whistling through the bike rack on your Subaru Outback
while you sing along to Mumford and Sons
I see you
Mrs. Millennial
with your cup of Starbucks and cellphone
texting away while your kids watch Netflix in the back seat
where did you get that stick figure family sticker?
I see you
Mr. Generation X
with your goatee and Ray Bans
the sun reflecting off your bald head and white teeth
are you late for golf or a cross burning?
I see you
Mrs. Generation X
with that desperate, unsatisfied look on your face
the shine of your right blinker, left on for the last 3 miles
the edge of your “I love Wine” sticker is peeling off
I see you
Mr. Baby Boomer
with your tan face, thin silver hair and sun spots
keeping death at bay with your window cracked while you smoke
I didn’t realize they made a Mercedes station wagon.
I see you
Ms. Baby Boomer
with a genuine look of confidence and control
checking your make up in the rear view mirror
thinking of him seems to only verify you are better off alone
– TLF 02/17/2016

Response to Jason Nigg’s Facebook post

The original post here.

Jason, I appreciate the response, there is much to deconstruct here.  Additionally, I believe a level set is due on some of the ideas and terms.  This may appear as I am questioning every point you made, partly because I am.  This is in hopes to better understand your position.  The following is intended to create a respectful discourse by and between us.   It is NOT intended to be disrespectful.  I believe our history and friendship will allow for this discourse.
J:  As I see social media platforms blow up with rainbows celebrating a newly won “right” and redefining of a word, I just can’t get into the same celebratory mood.
How do you define right”, meaning what is a right?  You claim it has been redefined, please help me understand how so.
J:  Look, I really don’t have a problem that Chris & Chris, as a couple, now have the same legal protections & benefits as a traditionally married couple.
Ok, I assume this includes protection from discrimination?  If not, please explain how you see if differently.
J:   I tend to believe government should be out of the marriage business anyway.
On this we agree.
J:  However, when this debate started gaining steam what, 8-10 years ago, I remember a gay rights activist on tv rejecting the idea of a civil union or legal partnership in favor of pushing a new definition of marriage because, in his words, “…the end goal is to destroy the old Christian idea of a traditional family”.
I am not sure what to make of this statement and how it fits into your argument.  There is not enough context and reference here for me to account for this beyond conjecture.  My pure opinion and reaction to this is, if it is indeed an accurate quotation, I find it unfortunate as it likely does not align with the disposition of the majority of homosexuals.
J:  Then we see businesses in the wedding industry getting sued and put out of business because they have reservations serving Chris & Chris based on religious grounds.
This is a broad and unspecific claim.  You may be spot on, but understand the breadth and depth of this problem is key to the conversation.  Where these business sued before legislation was in place to prohibit discrimination?  If no, then it is a moral challenge.  If yes, then it is a legal challenge.  I get you are trying to make a point, so I am only concerned about the aforementioned statement insofar as it related to better understand your specific concern.
J:  I can’t help but believe this whole thing isn’t about Chris & Chris’s individual freedom and happiness, but an overall means to use PC mindset to hammer & bludgeon those with different & maybe opposing beliefs.
Again, I get where you want to go with this, I am unsure how it is substantiated.    You are speculating on the intent of an large group of people (i.e an overall means to use PC mindset to hammer and bludgeon those with a different & maybe opposing beliefs).  I believe you and I both agree that dissenting opinions and beliefs exist on this topic.  However, I feel as though we may be at odds regarding how they are exercised.
Chris & Chris (the use of androgynous names here kicks ass!) have a right to individual freedom and happiness, in this you are correct.  Transversely is has been decided that religious beliefs are not justification for discrimination.  Put another way, an individuals 
J:  As a result has overall liberty really increased?
A bit of a red herring.  My answer, to your fundamentally rhetorical inquiry, is I don’t know.
J:  Finally, now that the slippery slope is good & greased up, how long is it before we are litigating rights to multiple spouses or marrying a sister or marrying a pet?
This is interesting as it presents what is inherently speculation as an imminent result.  Seems you were after some shock value here.  Ironically, it is religion(s) that promote and discourage polygamy on moral grounds.  The new testament, 1 Timothy discouraged church leaders from taking more than one wife.  However, the torah appears to allow and promote polygamy (Exodus 21:10: “If he take another wife for himself; her food, her clothing, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish”).  So this in mind, I believe the “slipper slope” belongs to those with, at best inconsistent religious doctrine.
It would appear that the foundation for the argument that legalization of gay marriage is somehow the first step to decent into moral disrepair is wholly based upon faulty premise.  This is substantiation for my claim that the argument from religion is lost on me.
J:  On the religious front, we do still have a supposed free exercise thereof so I don’t understand how this argument is lost on you scholars.
While a entertaining inflammatory remark, it has already been deemed that the free exercise of religion is limited.  It is limited insofar as, forgive me for not citing the numerous examples, religious beliefs and freedoms make not usurp or undermine the law of the land.  Simply put, an individuals right to freedom of religion does not legal justify their discrimination.
I am not an expert on constitutional law or procedure so I can only speak to it at the most basic level.  Here are some of the references I used to form my position:
J:  It isn’t a problem of a clouded mind or misunderstanding or an emotional response. 
Whose mind?  I am not sure there is anything wrong with an emotional response, this is a topic bursting with emotion:)
J:  It is the distinct possibility that the religious will be prohibited their exercise by government,…
Yes, we agree here.  The difference is whether or not we perceive this as a negative or positive.
J:  …because it has already happened: bakers and photographers and facilities forced to serve same-sex ceremonies when they claim it goes against their beliefs.
Again, specific instances would be helpful.   I am not denying your claim, just asking for examples to wrap my head around.
J:  So it’s not that businesses are denying service & dealing with boycotts or bad press, they are dealing with the government ruling that catering to same-sex services trumps their free expression of religion and enforcing fines, shuttering businesses, directing business owners to attend sensitivity training.
See the previous statement.
J:  I’ll try to answer both your questions. 1. No – obviously I’m not too keen about ISIS beheading “infidels”; and 2. No – this is a different situation entirely.
Please elaborate on my 1. position.
Regarding 2., it is only different in it’s stimulus (challenge to beliefs) but identical in it’s response (discrimination of an attribute of a human being).
J:  I didn’t choose to be a white male, but yet here I am, so color & gender are characteristics you are born with and had no say in choosing (much to the chagrin of Michael Jackson, Bruce Jenner & Rachel Dolezal!). Whomever I marry constitutes a lifestyle choice and that’s the difference: discriminating against an innate characteristic or a lifestyle choice.
Before I tackle this one, are you stating that marriage or homosexuality is a choice, or both?
J:  As an aside, the Obergefell v. Hodges did not grant “equal rights” to gays, it granted an additional right to everyone. Previously, every one of us had the right to marry another provided they met certain conditions. None of us had the right to marry another of the same sex. The court case now says we can do just that; we have an extra condition of people who are eligible for marriage.
This is an aside.  I would need to read the decision referenced in Obergefell v. Hodges.  However, if you believe this to be vital to the conversation I will comment later.
J:  As for the business owners, they didn’t turn the customers away because they were gay. In fact, they were offered alternatives. As an example, the farm owners who were fined $13k & ordered to attend re-education training offered to host the couple’s reception but not the actual ceremony. Same with the baker – they offered to make them cakes & cookies, but refused when the clients wanted a specific message. So they didn’t simply refuse service because the clients were gay, they refused the specificity of their request
I would like to hear the specifics on this instance.
J:  I’m so tempted just to reply that your response was simply your experience and didn’t gain any insight… 
Not sure how to respond here.
J:  I don’t see this as a freedom of speech issue & totally agree with the notion that we all have to deal with the consequences of our freedoms. Again, as I said in reply to Tony, these businesses did not discriminate based on a person’s characteristics, such as skin color, but on their ideas – quite a difference from the instances that you bring up.
They did in fact discriminate on a person’s characteristics.  The couple’s sexual orientation is in fact a characteristic their relationship and individualism.  You are claiming that because it is not “innate”, which is highly debated and debatable.  There is significant research suggesting homosexuality is in fact NOT a choice and is linked to a portion of the X Chromosome referred to as Xq28.  I submit the following as an indicator and not an exhaustive view into the aforementioned position:
To note, my expertise is not in genetics or the study of the biological basis for sexuality.  These are just a few of the resources I found that provide perspectives on the topic.
J:  Look how easy, and possibly natural, it is for someone to accuse me of being a bigot, or condoning bigotry, when I’m basing my opinions on religious grounds.
Are you basing your opinions on religious grounds?  If no, then what are you basing them on.  If yes, then we have the makings for our next wonderful and lengthy discussion:)
J:  If I don’t APPROVE of same-sex marriage, then I’m a bigot. I know, you didn’t accuse me of such, but I was rambling & couldn’t stop.
Neither John or I have accused you of being a bigot.  I certainly don’t believe you to be a bigot.  In actuality your comments don’t support even the basic definition:
:  a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices;especially :  one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance
The question remains, do you or do you not approve of gay marriage?  I ask because some of your first comments stated your indifference for Chris and Chris and their union.



Old man

My father asked me if I could eventually defeat my demons.
I told him yes, with a few hugs and a human sacrifice.
I miss him often, more than I can bear.
I look often to the heavens I don’t believe in, hoping he is smiling on me.
My father asked me if the frequency and intensity was sustainable.
I told him I had no idea, but that isn’t how decisions are made.
I see him in the little shadows near the stairs.
I still seek his council in troubled times of want and need.
When I was a little man, not a grown man, but old enough to know better, obstinance carried me through my days.
Then I became an old man, and the obstinance was replaced by a genuine sense of loneliness and uncertainty.
Failing to appreciate the safety when I had safety to appreciate is a hallmark of my arrogance.
My life is a failed suicide foretold by the meaningless orientations of constellations.
My father asked me if I had lived a good life and been a good man.
I told him no, the story of my life has not yet been finished.
I hear him in the words of the people who work the dirt.
I continue to seek his approval despite the obvious.

Testing animated .gif



Shitty Music…

This is totally a first world problem but suffer my idiocy (and lick my plate you dog dick).

So I am driving to work this morning with the radio in the on position. I am tuned into a local alternative station, one that claims to play a wide variety of “new rock”. Additionally, it seems they like to run 95 mins commercial free music. Initially this may seem like a pretty good deal if, like me, you hate commercial interruptions. However, the catch is this…they, the radio station programmers, fail to tell you it will be 95 minutes of uninterrupted shit. How do I know it is shit? Because while I was listening to it I said, “What the hell is this shit?”.

It takes me about 30 minutes to drive to work with mileage and traffic. So for 30 minutes (of the advertised 95) I was consistently disappointed, hoping a decent song would follow the epic pile of shit preceding it. Yes, yes I could have changed the channel, but then that would mean I gave more than zero fucks for your opinion.

For 30 minutes I was bombarded with the opposite of K-Billy’s Super Sounds of the 70’s, including, but not limited to, Collective Soul, Artic Monkeys, Mumford & Sons, Cold Play, Filter, Cage the Elephant, Queens of the Stone Age (omg I cannot adequately express the level of suck they possess),and a couple others I seriously could not identify.

The state of the music scene/industry/universe today hass gone to hell in the proverbial hand basket. The chimps running record companies are manufacturing shit, widely and recklessly distributing shit, and hoping it hits whichever entity is stupid enough to be yawning at that moment in time. Now I cannot completely blame the record companies for the propagation of this pollution. Many of the new bands creating this audible shit storm spent their formative years in the mid to late 90s. Any taste of decent music was washed away by dubious contributions to society like Oasis, No Doubt, Matchbox Twenty, Hootie and the Blowfish, Dave Matthews Band, Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, Candlebox, Silverchair, Reel Big Fish, Slipknot…fuck I cant go on, I am in a rage…wait one more…THE FOO FIGHTERS…zomgwtf these guys are simply this generations Toto…no Van Halen…no .

Let us not forget the end of the value chain…the consumer…Je’sus Christos on a cracker, crutch or pogo stick, why would someone pay to listen to the aforementioned fecal matter. I mean at some point market dynamics (supply and demand, puts and takes, whatever your poison) will take over, just stop feeding the monster(s). I cannot accurately count the times I have heard the moronic justification for the quality of music be causally linked to the number of copies sold. For the last time, just because there is a lot of it does not necessarily make it good…just like shit.

Now back to my original point about shit and music and such. While driving and suffering the psychosomatic effects of the aforementioned audible harassment, I began to contemplate my harsh characterization of the musical masterpieces leaving a greasy film on the inside of my ears. I began to wonder was this music really akin to feces? What attributes did they actually share? What this just another of my baseless judgments resulting in yet another wild claim?


You see bad music is very much like shit. Most of us hate shit, I mean some eat it and rub it on themselves during sex, but I mean for the most part it is human nature to avoid it. We typically tolerate it in small and confined doses. If you see a dog turd on the sidewalk it may gross you out or annoy you, but overall you move on with your life. However, if you are forced to wade through an oil slick of shit, having it thrown at you, while wearing a shit suit you will likely get pissed off.

Now take what I have just shared with you and translate shit to bad music and bad music to shit and so on and so forth. You will see that my theory holds water be it logically, rhetorically, or linguistically. If anyone would like to argue from the subjectivist position, beauty in the eye of the beholder and so forth, please do. I have provided examples above to fuel the debate.

May the Lord bless you and keep you; may he make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you and give you poptarts…


Time Warner Cable…

So we have been having some issues with our service from Time Warner Cable. I love using chat for customer service.

However using chat is and always will be a roll of the dice:)

The following is the transcript from my latest adventure with TWC customer service:

Analyst Dave is here. Status: Working

User TONY_ has entered room
Analyst Dave has entered room
Analyst has left room
Dave]]>Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Dave and I would be happy to help you.
Dave]]>Thank you for waiting.
Dave]]>Hello. How are you doing today?
TONY_]]>I am doing fine. I was looking at my bill for this month.
Dave]]>Good to know that!
TONY_]]>Before I pay it, I am waiting to hear back from TWC on a potential credit.
TONY_]]>I have not heard anything for a few weeks.
Dave]]>I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
TONY_]]>The last rep I spoke with, stated they would enter an escalation ticket for me.
TONY_]]>That was weeks ago
Dave]]>I will be glad to provide you with the required information.
Dave]]>Please let me check on that.
Dave]]>My Pleasure.
Dave]]>Thank you for your patience.
TONY_]]>No worries
Dave]]>Thank you for your patience.
Dave]]>I have successfully removed the credit for Installation. It will reflect into next month bill.
TONY_]]>What is the credit for installation? Do you mean the charge I received for installation?
Dave]]>Yes, Correct.
TONY_]]>How much was that charge?
TONY_]]>So for months of sub-standard service and repeated service trips to my home you are refunding me $29.99…
TONY_]]>If you check the records you have sent technicians to our home multiple times.
TONY_]]>This has been a documented and ongoing issue.
Dave]]>I understand it.
Dave]]>Yes, I see the notes.
Dave]]>May I know at what date your service were resolved?
TONY_]]>Dave, is english a second language for you? Because I am not sure what you are asking.
Dave]]>Sorry for misunderstanding.
Dave]]>Please allow me couple of minutes.
Dave]]>I have seen into our records.
Dave]]>You were having issue from 11/06 to 11/18.
TONY_]]>Service at our new address began 10/01/2013. It was noted that we have had issues since that initial installation date.
Dave]]>Let me remove the charge from the account.
TONY_]]>Which charges my friend?
Dave]]>The Service which you have not received.
TONY_]]>Ok, what is the amount you will be removing?
Dave]]>Please allow me couple of minutes.
TONY_]]>Sure thing
Dave]]>Thank you.
Dave]]>I appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay in response.
Dave]]>I have applied credit of $81.51 + $29.99 for Installation charge = Total Credit $117.36. Which will reflect into next month bill.
Thank you. Have a great day.



Darwin has shown me more than the father of the son.
A father’s fate the time is done.
This ridiculous belief in something beyond the sun.
Some cordial solace in how quick came the end.

Its way passed time to drive me home
Its way passed time to go on alone
Its just this easy to slip my mind.
Its not that simple to swallow my pride.

I’m not who I am, who you thought I would be.
Strange are these days between you and me.
A violent end to this fragile trust you can’t see.
The guardrail settled nothing between us.

Tell me something then drive me far from here
Tell me something am I wrong to hate this?
Tell me something to ease my mind, dear.
Tell me something what did I miss?

Your draining me of good, make me what I am
Dahlmer, Gacy, the son of Sam
The ridiculous idea of what makes a man.
Your hypocrisy the marrow of the bone.