Darwin has shown me more than the father of the son.
A father’s fate the time is done.
This ridiculous belief in something beyond the sun.
Some cordial solace in how quick came the end.

Its way passed time to drive me home
Its way passed time to go on alone
Its just this easy to slip my mind.
Its not that simple to swallow my pride.

I’m not who I am, who you thought I would be.
Strange are these days between you and me.
A violent end to this fragile trust you can’t see.
The guardrail settled nothing between us.

Tell me something then drive me far from here
Tell me something am I wrong to hate this?
Tell me something to ease my mind, dear.
Tell me something what did I miss?

Your draining me of good, make me what I am
Dahlmer, Gacy, the son of Sam
The ridiculous idea of what makes a man.
Your hypocrisy the marrow of the bone.